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Stick Bat Ball

Stick Bat Ball

The Sports that Unite Us

Past Exhibition

A stick, a bat and a ball are used in many sports all over the globe. Notably, similar items were used in ancient cultures as well as employed by aboriginal cultures. How does the culture of sport connect us? The tradition of coming together to play or watch a game ties us to one another, either as fans or as player participants. THis exhibition united objects, texts, photos and memorabilia from sports that hold a common theme of a stick, bat or ball as a social unifier.

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The Museums of Mississauga and Mississauga Celebration Square have partnered to invite a Curator or team of Curators who identify as BIPOC to develop a project that engages with the community to be delivered in 2022.

This year Celebration Square welcomes monsters of all ages to join in the Halloween fun. Starting October 22 through to October 31, Celebration Square will bring three popular Halloween inspired stories to life. Dress up in your monster tails to explore some of our favourite monster tales.