Contemporary Art Bus Tour

Contemporary Art Bus Tour

The tour picks up at Kipling Station Passenger Pickup (west side of Aukland Rd) and visits Humber Galleries, Art Gallery of Mississauga, and Small Arms Inspection Building. To RSVP: please email by April 5.

Art Gallery of Mississauga

Guest-curated by Rheanne Chartrand
March 28-June 16, 2019

niigaanikwewag is a two-year curatorial project bookended by exhibitions that acknowledge the ever-presence of Indigenous womxn in the arts through the presentation of notable works by senior, mid-career, and emerging artists to celebrate past, present, and future generations of creative kwes as integral to sustaining the creative spirit of Indigenous communities. Foregrounding kinship, the artworks in niigaanikwewag embody and express the blood ties Indigenous women have to each other and to [our] Mother Earth.

The second iteration of niigaanikwewag will extend the first exhibition's celebratory declaration of the ever-presence of Indigenous women within the arts.

Thursday March 28, 6pm
Opening reception with Elder Whabagoon and a performance by artist Raven Davis, It's Not Your Fault

April 6, 2pm
Curator Rheanne Chartrand leads an insightful tour of niigaanikwewag.

Humber Galleries

The Breadth of Distance
Amber Williams-King, Charlene Vickers, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Melisse Watson, Petrina Ng, Soko Fong Negash, Shellie Zhang
Curated by Alize Zorlutuna

February 4-April 5, 2019

Bringing together photography, video, installation, and sculpture, these artworks shift across geographies, cultural perspectives, and time. Considering grief, longing, care and resilience, they articulate how relationships to place, representation, and belief shape who we are and how we move in the present.

This exhibition asks us to reckon with how we came to be here on this land. Whether we are Indigenous, multi-generational settlers, or recent immigrants, our current moment demands we think through how we might build mutual understanding and empathy while recognizing our many differences.

Please join Humber Galleries' Curator in Residence Alize Zorlutuna for a tour of the exhibition.

Small Arms Inspection Building

Public Volumes
Exhibition continues at Bradley Museum & Mississauga City Hall

Joi T. Arcand, Cathy Busby, soJin Chun, Stephanie Comilang, Sheena Hoszko, Germaine Koh, HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander, Morris Lum, Dawit L. Petros, jes sachse, Kara Springer, LeuWebb, Amanda White

Curated by Noa Bronstein

April 6-May 5, 2019

Public Volumes brings together exhibitions, public programming and writing that centre around broad interpretations of spatial justice. These many projects focus in or out from a particular location or series of locations, fostering deeper insight into why space matters. From thinking through ideas around memory and ways of living to community mobilization and immigration, Public Volumes espouses the multiple meanings folded into the spaces of everyday life and those of unexpected circumstance. This program looks to the tangled means by which we defend the spaces that offer support and the efforts we take to transform those that fail.

Please join us for the opening reception of Public Volumes.

Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 11:45am to 4:45pm
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