In partnership with Art Gallery of Mississauga

In partnership with Art Gallery of Mississauga

Sylvia Matas & Brendan George Ko

The Vector Festival is a participative, not-for-profit, and community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing experiments in digital games, interactive experiences and new media art. It runs from July 12- 16.

November by Sylvia Matas
Subtitles describing sounds suggest a narrative happening outside of the frame.

Sylvia Matas is an interdisciplinary artist from Winnipeg. She received a Master of Fine Arts from the Chelsea College in London, England in 2008. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at The McLaren Art Centre, Barrie; The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg; AKA Gallery, Saskatoon; Uturdur, Reykjavik; MKG127, Toronto; and the Art Museum at the University of Toronto.

Out of Nowhere by Sylvia Matas
A woman searches for the source of a sound that only she can hear.

Sylvia Matas' work explores landscape and how we observe, understand, and interact with and record it. She is particularly interested in unseen phenomena and complex natural process that challenge our limited perception of the world around us, and how our brains and bodies deal with this uncertainty.

Wake of Our Ancestors & Papa Ho'okele by Brendan George Ko
These two video works result from Ko's now year's long immersion in the world of the waka moana - the Polynesian voyaging canoe. For centuries, residents of the Polynesian islands were the greatest explorers on earth, using simple outrigger canoes and ancient star charts and navigational techniques passed down through generations, they traversed a huge area of the Pacific bordered by Tahiti, Hawaii and New Zealand. Today, a group called the Polynesian Voyaging Society reconstructs these ancient vessels and launches voyages using the same wayfairing traditions. These journeys require, and bring together communities of elders, youth, natives, and non-natives in a spirit of deep connection to land, water, history and tradition.

Brendan George Ko is a visual storyteller who works in photography, video, installation, text, and sound. His work aims to convey a sense of experience through storytelling in which the image is supplementary to the story it represents. In 2010, Ko received his BFA from Ontario College of Art & Design where he majored in photography. During his time in the Masters in Visual Arts programme at the University of Toronto his practice shifted into video and sound with the guidance of Kim Tomczak. Ko's work has been included in such events as The Magenta Foundation's annual photography exhibition and publication, Flash Forward, the juried exhibition Hey! Hot Shot by Jen Bekman in New York City, and in numerous auctions such as ACT's Snap! Live Auction, Buddies in Bad Times' Art Attack Auction, and Youthline's Line Art Auction. In addition he has been commissioned by The Hospital for Sickkids and the Harbourfront Centre.

Monday, August 20, 2018 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
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