Official unveiling of Conference at the Council House

Official unveiling of Conference at the Council House

by Hadley Howes & Maxwell Stephens (Studio of Received Ideas)

Conference at the Council House is a permanent public art sculpture that stands at the entry to the Central Library and Mississauga Celebration Square as a monument to remind the local community of the rich history and diversity of this particular site. Thirty birds gather on and around a white steel tower and cupola that is an artistic replica of the tower that tops the historic Council House built 132 years ago on the New Credit reserve in Hagersville - the land the Mississauga people moved to in 1847 from their ancestral home on the Credit River in what is now known as the city of Mississauga.

More about the Artist:

Studio of Received Ideas (SRI) began as a collaboration between artists Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens in 2013, and has since evolved into a public art initiative that spans the concept, design, management and installation of permanent public works. SRI works with artists, architects, public institutions and diverse communities to create public art that encourages reflection and imagination, and places viewers at the centre of the creative process.

This project is supported by a Ministry of Canadian Heritage grant of $199,000. The funding will also be used to support community programs to encourage residents to share their story about being Canadian and understand the importance of Reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

Funded by the Government of Canada. Finance par le gouvernement du Canada.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
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