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Art on the Screens: Everything Worthwhile

Art on the Screens: Everything Worthwhile

presented by Vector Festival

Curated by Theresa Wang, Everything Worthwhile is an outdoor film screening program that features digital and video art works by Alyssa Bornn, Ronnie Clarke, Devon Pryce, Fallon Simard, and Lia Tarachansky. The works featured in this program offer interpretations of the connections that can be found within digital spaces. Most of these "connections" depicted don't directly involve other persons and social activities, yet they are also not works of withdrawal or static individuality. Rather, these works locate a vision for community by considering what relations are missing, desired, and critical for a society newly emerged from slumber. The artists of Everything Worthwhile insist on collective orientations, guiding us towards modes of contemplation, imagination, love, and resistance.

Featured Artworks

  • Devon Pryce, Praying to Money Trees (2020)
  • Alyssa Bornn, Through a window, out a door (2020)
  • Ronnie Clarke, Soundscape (loop) (2020)
  • Devon Pryce, Heavy Hearted (2019)
  • Fallon Simard, Land Becomes Ghost (2016)
  • Lia Tarachansky, You Are Currently Running An Experimental Version of Earth (2021)
Monday, July 19, 2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Free Event
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