Art on the Screens

Art on the Screens

Let's Inspire! Join us every Monday from May - September at Mississauga Celebration Square for your weekly dose of screen based art featuring local, national and international artists. Be inspired on an evening stroll through the Square by these unique and compelling pieces.

Pictured onscreen: Pivot by Fedora Romita

*Please note Art on the Screens will not run on Monday July 3, Monday July 17, Monday August 7 and Monday September 4*

Through the haze of a machine's mind we may glimpse
our collective imaginations (Blade Runner), 2017
by Ben Bogart

"Through the haze of a machine's mind we may glimpse our collective imaginations (Blade
Runner)" is the result of a machine subject reorganizing the pixels and audio samples from
Ridley Scott's Blade Runner according to colour and spectral similarity. This destroys the
composition of the original, but preserves underlying statistical properties. The resulting
images are softly undulating colour fields while the sounds flow between constant drone
and glitch complexity due to the process of self-organization. The structure of the work is an
emergent result of the interaction between the machine's subjectivity and the underlying
structure of Blade Runner. The incremental evolution of each scene's sound-scape and
colour field are realizations of the machine's learning process, enabled by a self-organizing
machine learning algorithm. The slow ambient movement of the sound and image is
punctuated by drastic changes occurring in the image and sound corresponding to the cuts
between scenes in the original.

About the artist:

Ben Bogart is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist working with generative computational processes and has been inspired by knowledge in cognitive neuroscience in the service of an epistemological enquiry.

Juried selection in partnership with the City of Mississauga Public Art Program

Monday, September 25, 2017 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Free Event
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