The Magic of Maple Tours

The Magic of Maple Tours

Guided Tour

Did you know that Canada produces 85% of world's maple syrup? Or that the number of pounds of maple sugar made by each family used to be a question on the Canadian census?

Book a guided tour of the Bradley Museum grounds for you and your family to explore the magic of maple syrup and learn about these facts and more! Our guides will lead you around the site explaining the science behind why and how we make maple syrup and how Indigenous and early settler communities made maple sugar. Through five stops we'll use demonstrations and games to explore what makes maple trees special, what sap is, how we collect it, how we make delicious maple treats, and how you can make your own maple syrup at home! Tours must be booked in advance and are limited to five people living in the same household. Physical distancing measures are in place throughout the tour. Visitors are required to wear masks while participating in the tour. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed their tour spot.

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Due to the province wide lockdown all remaining in person maple tours have been cancelled.

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