We are all here

We are all here

by Chantal Rousseau

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cnadiarousseau
Website: www.chantalrousseau.ca

We are all here is an outdoor public art installation in Erindale Park featuring flags of watercolour paintings of various species found in the Credit River Watershed.

There are twelve digitally printed 32" x 32" two-sided vinyl flags hung in trees spread throughout the park. Each flag is based on a watercolour of a species found in the Credit River Watershed, currently and historically, including six at-risk species, species whose numbers are declining to the point of concern about their potential disappearance from the region. The species at-risk include the Eastern Ribbonsnake, Eastern Milksnake, Blanding's Turtle, Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly, Atlantic Salmon, and Snapping Turtle. The other species featured are the Wood Duck, Osprey, Green Heron, Northern Spring Peeper, Leopard Frog, and Spotted Salamander.

In order to have a thriving watershed, the health of the river and the health of the land are interconnected. The species reflected in We are all here rely on the river, for fresh water, for food sources found in the river, and directly or indirectly as a habitat, as the river is vital to the ecosystem of the Credit River Watershed. The project speaks to the importance of the ongoing conservation efforts, habitat restoration, and park growth, of which Erindale Park is an example.

About the Artist

Chantal Rousseau's has been a practicing artist for over 20 years. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, including: Hallwalls Institute of Contemporary Art, Buffalo; Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris; The New Gallery, Calgary; Latitude 53, Edmonton; Mercer Union, Toronto; and La Centrale, Montreal. She has participated in digital exhibitions including the Widget Art Gallery and the wrong biennale. Her GIFs were featured as GIF of the Day on the New York art blog Art F City in 2014. She has a solo exhibition at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston, Ontario, running until December 6, 2020. She was recently awarded the commission for Paved Paradise, a temporary public art project administered by the City of Kingston, consisting of 7 billboards in the downtown core that will be on display until November 2020.

Chantal Rousseau has been involved in multiple artist collectives, including the Agitated Plover Salon, a group of Kingston-based artists who exhibited in non-traditional spaces in 2013 to 2014, as well as the Toronto-based collective Personal Volare, who were active from 2000 to 2009. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph (MFA), and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (BFA). She currently resides in Kingston.

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