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Tara Veletic

I dream of rain (2020)

Tara Veletic Artwork

Artist Statement

This piece was made to encapsulate how it feels to feel happy and peaceful with little things like, listening to the rain fall at night. A sort of coziness that you feel of being inside and warm, in your favourite place.

Throughout my 16 years, art has been my lifeline. I picked up a brush at 2 years old, and gripped it tightly in my palm ever since. Drawing and painting let me show the brief moments of peace, in an otherwise chaotic world. I strive to show everything that I feel, or want to feel, in a combination of colours and lines we call art.

My works are meant to show dreaminess, a sense of peace, a moment in time where everything feels still. Every time that I have ever felt at peace in my mind and with the world, it brings a feeling of euphoria that things just might be okay, better than happiness even. Which is exactly what I want to share with the viewer, give them a little sense of fantasy-like peace even if it's just for a moment. Each piece has its own story, yet still makes room to be interpreted by whoever sees it. To each their own imaginative escape.


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