The New Youth Council Online Showcase - Sofia Ramos Gonzalez

Sofia Ramos Gonzalez

Reaching New Heights (2020)

Sofia Ramos Gonzalez Artwork

Artist Statement

Reaching New Heights is the story of a traveller. Like any other adventurer, she is flying into the unknown. However, this is not the beginning of her journey. She has been flying for a while. She is determined and fearless of what lies ahead. Her body is balanced and always alert as she is aware that any sudden movement from her or the wind could cause the paper plane to lose balance and inevitably fall. The only option she knows she has is to look straight ahead and ignore the storm behind her. She lets the wind take her into a new sky of adventures and possibilities. I believe that everyone is like the little explorer. We are all flying in these fragile paper planes where nothing is for granted, but we have to be fearless and determine despite the uncertainty we face every day to grow and become.

When I start a project, I think about an experience I had, followed by what I gained, what could've been and what is happening today. So after going back and forth, I am left with a sense of nostalgia and bittersweetness. However, instead of forgetting about these mixed feelings, I create a series of colourful, surreal paintings that hide the narrative. Not with the aim for someone to discover my story. But to relate to these feelings and remember their experiences. My work relies on being anonymous and personal. That's the reason why my characters do not show their face nor are in a particular place or time. I want others to see themselves in the narrative. I know that everyone's journey is different. Therefore, it wouldn't feel right to give identity to where those thoughts and feelings originate. I want the viewers to remember their narrative and have this private moment between their memories and the work, just like I did.

Sofia Ramos Gonzalez is a Mexican artist based in Mississauga. After graduating from the Visual & Creative Arts program at Sheridan College, Sofia often finds herself creating characters that are going through a journey, often alone, at a place where time has stopped. However, her work does not aim to manifest overwhelming feelings. She intentionally places them in colourful, tender, surreal scenarios to create a mix of nostalgia and bittersweetness to the viewer, especially for those who find resonance in these situations.


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