The New Youth Council Online Showcase - Husna Khan

Husna Khan

Day of Judgement (2020)

Husna Khan Artwork

Artist Statement

This painting was inspired by a weird dream I had about the day of judgement. The red sphere shows some sort of power, like the sun. It is directing the two people, who represent all of humanity, towards itself. The humans are meant to look similar because in the end, we are all the same. There is nothing distinct about them except their faces. Other than that, the colours, the posture and their direction is the same.

I am sixteen years old and I am an immigrant from Pakistan. I am still in high school and I want to pursue fine arts in the future. Some things that inspire me to create are my culture, phosphenes, global issues and my dreams. These are just a few reasons from the plethora of experiences that prompt me to make art. My favourite medium is oil paint, but I enjoy using acrylic, inks, markers, watercolours and making sculpture as well.


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