A large rusted sculpture of a stick figure resting with its elbow on its knees. The art is on a grassy hill with a clear blue sky behind it.


With guidance from Peel Public Health, the City of Mississauga has made the difficult decision to close all facilities until further notice.

While we will continue to accept submissions for calls, please be advised that all submission reviews have been placed on hold at this time. We are committed to revisiting your submission in a timely manner upon reopening.

Public Art

Since 2010, the City's Public Art Collection has grown to 20 permanent public art pieces and includes ongoing temporary art. Public art helps to develop a unique sense of place and create a beautiful, thought-provoking and energetic vibe that ultimately enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Public art is art created by a professional artist or in collaboration with artists, through a formal process established in the City Acquired Art Policy. Public art is publicly accessible to all citizens and can be in any medium/media and take on any shape, form, or scale. The City's Public Art Master Plan provides the design and curatorial guidelines to plan, acquire, and maintain public art for residents and visitors.

A photo of the Gala Gateway + Gala Procession
Gala Gateway + Gala Procession

by Gabriel Fain and Harley Valentine

Gala Gateway + Gala Procession are permanent public art sculptures that trace inspiration from the natural elements of Canada and the dynamism of performing arts.

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A image of Environmental Reflection + Wonder
Environmental Reflection + Wonder

by Alex McLeod

Environmental Reflection + Wonder is a two-part digital art installation located at Civic Centre, inspired by Mississauga's local history, architecture, and natural heritage.

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